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2014-2015 Presidential Ambassadors Announced


The Division of University Advancement is proud to congratulate the twenty-six outstanding student leaders selected for the 2014-2015 Presidential Ambassadors program.

New Members
Megan Cronhardt                                           Bryan Goodyear
Jenna Herrmann                                            Scott Knowles
Taylor McIlquham                                         Maria Muchaypina
Molly O’Neil                                                    Michael J Prusz
Reema Riaz                                                     Aza Smith
Rachel Ungvarsky                                          Andrew Voigt
Jamal Washington                                         Esther Weiner
Maia Williams

Returning Members
Jeffrey Cusick                                                Kaushal Desai
Oluwaseun Durojaye                                   Kelly Langford
Sadie Lockhart                                              Allen Meyers
Rebecca Nappi                                              David Raymond
Marlowe Rogers                                            Justina Syrett
Alexandra Woodfin

We would also like to thank the eleven 2013-2014 members who will be graduating:
Eliza Antoshak                                              Chris Bifulco,
Sandrine Emambu                                       Jordan Lewis,
Ben Mendelsohn                                          Sarah Nordland,
Cameron Schuller                                        Justin Schwendeman,
Michael Thompkins                                    Kennard Wallace
Mallory Wright

Thank you for your commitment and tireless efforts in enhancing the Towson experience for students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and friends.

To learn more about the Presidential Ambassadors program go to www.towson.edu/specialevents