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Grief & Loss Workshop Series

Have you lost someone close to you? Grieving is a natural process, and individuals experience grief and loss in different ways and on different time tables. It can be helpful to share your experience with others who have been affected by the death of a significant person. Consider joining the Grief & Loss workshop series/support group (a 5-session series) at the Counseling Center. The format is flexible, but each session typically includes: discussion of a particular topic (e.g., facts/myths about grieving, frustration with a lack of understanding/social support from others, changing life roles after a death, cultural and spiritual aspects of grief, traumatic grief), a coping strategy, and learning about area resources.  Each session will meet for one hour (the time will be based on members’ availability on Thursday afternoons). The group is free and confidential; TU undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.  FOR MORE INFORMATION/TO SIGN UP, contact Dr. Nancy Hensler at nhensler@towson.edu or (410) 704-5105.  PLEASE INDICATE ALL OF YOUR AVAILABLE HOURS THIS SEMESTER FROM 12PM to 5PM ON THURSDAY AFTERNOONS.  If you are interested but cannot make Thursday afternoons this semester, please let us know so that we can put you on our waiting list for summer/next semester.  We hope that you will join us!  Students who have participated in the workshop series have shared that they have found it very supportive and helpful to their grieving process.  For more resources, see the TUCC website resource page on Grief & Loss: