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Halloween Party Button Making Contest

The Counseling Center is holding a button decorating contest, in honor of our Halloween Party! If you design a 3in button for submission, you have the chance to win a large gift basket, as well as the opportunity to see students wearing your button around campus. You will also receive a copy of your button as the winner of the contest. To be fair, your submission will be blindly judged by faculty and staff at the Counseling Center.

Illustration Contest Guidelines: Contest is for Towson University students only. If your design is chosen as the winner, you will be notified through email. You must bring your TU ID to the Halloween Party on October 30th, from 7pm-10pm. If you do not attend and claim your prize by 9:30pm, it will be raffled away. The Halloween Party will be in the Counseling Center. The button must be 3” in diameter, and saved as a JPG, PNG, Word or PowerPoint document. IF you wish to do your design by hand, you can scan it and email it as one of the options listed, or drop it off (in an envelope) at the Counseling Center. You may submit more than one design, but each design will be judged individually. The button must follow the theme of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. These themes include: Identity (racial, sexual orientation, gender, social class, etc.), Sexual Health, Consent, Alcohol and Drug safety, and/or Gender inclusion. Please send any submissions to movert1@students.towson.edu, and title your email “TUCC Halloween Button Contest”. The deadline to submit is October 24th by 5pm.