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Only Two Days Left- Closing of Tiger Reels

While there will no longer be rentals available on campus, students will be able to purchase any remaining movie titles at the USTORE at closeout prices. Students are also encouraged to utilize the Towson branch of the Baltimore County Public Library, which has many movie and TV show DVDs available to be checked out for free. Many streaming services also provide a student discount. Amazon Prime has a student membership option and Hulu & Spotify have student subscription plans as well. Both offer streaming content for under $10 a month!

Before we go, let’s look at some of Tiger Reels’ most popular movie titles and genres.

Top 3 Rented Titles this Year:
1. Ready Player One
2. Black Panther
3. Avengers: Infinity War

Most Rented Genres:
1. Action
2. Thriller
3. Drama