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Eric A. Belgrad Speaker Series

Dr. Jeremy Tasch, Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Planning, will present his talk entitled “Titanium in the Arctic: The Geopolitics of Arctic Sovereignty Claims” as part of the Eric A. Belgrad Speaker Series on Tuesday, October 16, at 6:00pm in the College of Liberal Arts room 4310. Refreshments provided.

Offered under the auspices of the Towson University Journal of International Affairs, the goal of this speaker series is to shed light on a timely issue in the general field of international relations, broadly construed. In keeping with the spirit of the man in whose honor it was created, the speakers will seek to guide the audience to think more clearly about the topic of their talk rather than present predetermined conclusions meant for the sterile kinds of ideological “debate” that is unfortunately so prevalent today. We are particularly interested in inviting a broad spectrum of students to attend the talks in hopes of generating conversations and independent analysis.

For more information, contact Chaney Taggart at ctagga1@students.towson.edu.