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Short Films by EMF Faculty – TONIGHT @ 5:30 p.m.!

Friday, September 14, 5:30 p.m. in TU’s Van Bokkelen Hall Auditorium, see new short films created in the past year by Towson University Electronic Media and Film faculty members Joe Kraemer, Ryan Murray, and Lynn Tomlinson. Behind-the-scenes discussion with audience conversation moderated by Professor Danny Mydlack.


Films to be screened:

Lynn Tomlinson
The true and tragic tale of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America, as recounted in song by her friend the old farm dog. Their story is portrayed in colorful, handcrafted animation, created frame by frame with clay-on-glass and oil pastel animation. Winner: Best of Festival and Best Animation, Peekskill Film Festival, Award of Merit for Animation, UFVA

Ryan Murray:
Digital video, 3:38
Fake blood watering fake flowers. In this time when we call fake things real and real things fake, what are we growing? This video references a nature-documentary photographic style, shot in high-framerate slow motion, as fake blood rains onto national flowers.
Digital video, 5:59
Middle is an altered found footage/reenactment video that explores three meanings of the middle finger. The video is broken into three sections: a montage-supercut of children’s YouTube videos about fingers, a series of censored, crowd-sourced reenactments of the 90s teen rebellion music video for Smashing Pumpkin’s“1979”, and a group of movie action sequences in which characters hang from ledges by their middle fingers.

Joe Kraemer
Narrative Short Film, TRT 15:25, 2018
It is Dr. Susan Hardy’s first day on the job at her father’s rustic small town family practice after taking over when a heart attack forces him into early retirement. Susan is determined to make the best of what she sees as a bad situation until her loquacious assistant, Betsy, and an unruly first patient cause everything to spiral out of control. Things only get worse when her father arrives to meddle in her affairs.