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We heard you—Feed back from the Staff Development Conference

The Staff Development Conference Committee wanted to thank everyone who was able to attend the 24th Annual Conference on May 30th. We received some very valuable feedback and wanted to share some insight into how the event was planned and ultimately executed. We encourage you to continue sending feedback as we are preparing for the 25th Annual Conference next Spring.

Q. How are topics chosen?

A. Every year we try to balance workshops between personal and professional topics and we try not to repeat topics from the year before. We strive to get 9 varying and interesting workshops so that staff will be able to find an area that interests them**Something new for the 2019 conference (which is the 25th Staff Dev. Conference), we will be asking the entire campus for ideas for workshops and facilitators.

Q.  Why is it an all-day conference? Why not just do it in the morning?

A.  This allows more staff to be able to come, not all can do the whole day but could come for either the am or pm sessions.

Q.  Better marketing needed:

A.  We are addressing this for the 2019 conference to get information out earlier and the best way to get it to everyone.

Q.  A better location:

A.  Unfortunately we are very limited as to where this size of an event can be held and we are working on finding a new location to accommodate us.Nursing mother’s room, unfortunately, this is a building issue and one we will bring to the attention of the Building Manager.  We are sorry for the inconvenience, if we had known in advance we would have tried to make sure there was an area available.

Q.  Campus was asked for their story but stories were not shared.  Why?

A. We only received a few responses.

Q  Why do we use the Dining Halls?

A.  Dining areas are the only place available to us during the time of the conference and is also with the SDC budget.

Q. Why weren’t there Vegan options?

A.  We are sorry you missed them, there were options available.   We suggest in the future if you are ever using a TU dining facility to ask a staff member about options.

Q.  Issues with registration:

A.  Although we work hard to make sure the online registration runs smoothly, glitches happen.  We set up the registration tables to make signing in go quickly and when there is a mistake or a walkup registration comes in we have an additional table to handle those without holding you up for more than a few minutes.

Q.  Why aren’t there more vendors in the Marketplace?

A.  As of 2016, we were informed by the Procurement Office that due to State regulations, we are not allow to have outside vendors unless they have a contract with TU.

Q.  Vendors leaving early – running out of giveaways

A.  Although we have the marketplace open from 8 – 3, we really don’t have control over them leaving, we can only ask that they stay through the 3:00 time they agreed to.   Please remember our vendors are very generous in giving away all kinds of items and also in giving prizes for the raffle.

Q.  Posting the winners for the raffle:

A.  The raffle winners were posted to T3 on June 4th.