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AgoraCX is here for you

Do you order branded merchandise? You know —swag, giveaways, tchotchkes — stuff imprinted with the university’s logo and the name of your department or group? If so, AgoraCX is for you.

AgoraCX is Towson University’s new online marketplace where faculty, staff and student groups can order branded promotional material. With Agora CX, you’ll have access to all of TU’s authorized licensees, so you can easily get multiple quotes. AgoraCX is also your one-stop shop for placing orders and managing billing & shipping information.

Going through AgoraCX means companies are competing for your project, ensuring you get the best selection and pricing. You’re in charge of what company will produce your mugs, or which vendor should imprint pens for your next conference. AgoraCX is available for you to use right now — use it the next time you order branded apparel or giveaway items. Beginning October 1, all orders for branded merchandise MUST be placed through AgoraCX.

Coinciding with the AgoraCX rollout, the university is implementing a royalty that will be charged to all internal orders beginning in October. This internal royalty brings TU in line with best practices in trademark licensing among Division I universities, and will support the development of new opportunities to present the Towson University brand to our alumni and other external audiences. The royalty is being phased in over the next year — 3% from October through June of 2019, 6% thereafter.

If you have any questions about TU’s Trademark Licensing program, AgoraCX or the internal-use royalty, please contact Rick Pallansch, Assistant Vice President of Creative Services, at 410-704-2468 or email licensing@towson.edu.

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