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SPSS version 25 now available

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 25 is now available for use on University computers. The Office of Technology Services (OTS) recommends faculty and staff using IBM SPSS Statistics, to upgrade to version 25 over the summer.

All computer labs and smart classrooms are being upgraded by Lab Managers.

Why upgrade?

  • SPSS version 25 is the preferred version, and offers the most current features and compatibility.
  • SPSS version 24 will continue to work until July 2019, but is not the preferred version and might lack features.
  • SPSS version 23 will no longer run after December 2018, at which point it will also be removed from Virtual Workspace.

How to upgrade to SPSS version 25

For questions regarding SPSS, please submit a TechHelp service request.

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