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IRB Standard Applications Due This Friday

The next IRB deadline for submitting applications for Standard Review is this Friday, June 15th. Please plan ahead to make sure you get your application(s) in on time. All applications will be submitted to the IRB on the 15th, and should expect comments within 3 weeks. Please visit the IRB website to determine which type of review (Accelerated or Standard) your research qualifies for to verify if you need to meet this deadline.

*Summer Reminder: Please note that there may be delays in the normal 1 week (accelerated) and 3 week (standard/full board) review timelines since reviewing faculty may be out of office during some of this time. IRB meetings are not scheduled to take place during the summer months, so if you have an application requiring full board review, please keep in mind that your application will NOT be reviewed until the next scheduled IRB meeting, August 17th.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the IRB at irb@towson.edu or 410-704-2236.