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Minor Changes to Virtual Workspace Portal

On Monday, June 11, there will be some changes to the Virtual Workspace (VW) login portal (http://vw.towson.edu):

  • New look for login page: A new login page will be seen when visiting http://vw.towson.edu, which will provide faculty, staff and students with Single Sign-On.
  • Duo Prompt: Faculty and staff will get a Duo Multi-Factor authorization prompt when accessing http://vw.towson.edu from off-Campus only. Individuals on-campus (e.g., faculty in classrooms, staff in offices) will not be prompted for Duo. Students do not use Duo, therefore they will not be prompted for multi-factor authentication.

About Virtual Workspace
Virtual Workspace is a convenient and secure way to work on or off campus from nearly any device using only a browser. The Office of Technology Services (OTS) continues to enhance this service by adding features to help faculty, staff and students access applications and data while working remotely or from on-campus. 

Request New Applications for VW
If there is an application that should be considered for addition, submit the request in a TechHelp service request.


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