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COE Honors College Capstone Showcase


Monday May 21, 2018
4:00 – 6:00 PM
Hawkins Hall 110


Restorative Justice Practices

Sarah Fossaceca
Integrated Early Childhood and Special Education
Howard County
Stevens Forest Elementary School
Grade 5

What role do Restorative Circles play in the attitudes and behavior of students in a fifth grade classroom?


Engaging Students in Writing
Laura Dixon
Morgan Stottlemyer
Elementary Education
Howard County
St. John’s Lane Elementary School
Hollifield Station Elementary School
Grade 5
Grade 3

In what ways does the inclusion of photography in the writing process impact sensory details and students’ attitudes about creative writing?


ASL and Language Acquisition in an Elementary School Classroom
Nicole Frankel
Elementary Education with Deaf Studies
Harford County
Hickory Elementary School
Grade 3

How can using American Sign Language (ASL) in a hearing classroom help students acquire new vocabulary?

(Light Refreshments will be served)