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Prevent and report misuse of state resources

As citizens and employees of the state of Maryland, we must protect and preserve valuable resources and ensure that these resources are used for the benefit of those we serve. This is a reminder to all employees of the importance of safeguarding state resources against improper usage. Please be mindful when utilizing state resources to ensure it is for legitimate business purposes. When acquiring state resources, please be mindful of the expenditures and ensure we don’t already have resources on hand to use. This can preserve funding for both the university and state.

According to TU policy, fiscal irregularities include, but are not limited to, embezzlement, theft, falsification of documents and financial conflict of interests. Loss of assets with a monetary or fair market value of $1000 or less will not be considered a fiscal irregularity unless the loss occurs in those departments that routinely handle cash, credit cards, account credits or cash equivalents, including: property management, payroll, procurement, accounts payable/receivable, bookkeeping or the comptroller.

Please report suspected or known fiscal irregularities to Management Advisory and Compliance services by contacting Vasu Bhatt at VBhatt@towson.edu or x4-2114.

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