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2018 Spring Workshop Development Schedule

The 2018 Spring Workshop Development Schedule is now available through the Office of Human Resources, Employee Training and Development. Online Registration and a comprehensive listing of available workshops are also available. There are two featured workshops this month.

Civility In The Workplace
Wednesday January 11, 2018
2:00  – 4:00 pm
Facilitator: Alison Peer, Office of Student Conduct and Civility

Incivility is a leading cause of lost time and low productivity among employees. In contrast, the more civil the workplace, the higher quality of work life, quantity, and quality of work contained within. Attend this workshop to become aware of behaviors that contribute to productivity as well as those that inhibit it, learn tools to help deal with others who act inappropriately, and how to partner with team members to establish expectations for working together and building cohesive relationships. You will gain valuable knowledge, tools, and action steps to create a more civil working environment.

The Effective Team Member
Tuesday January 30, 2018
1:00 – 4:00 pm
Facilitator: Michele Hunt, Office of Human Resources

At the core of every effective organization, there is a team of focused, committed, and reliable employees. Empowered team members with these qualities create motivated workforces. This workshop is designed to allow team members to see through the eyes of leaders to view the big picture while successfully completing daily tasks and details.

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