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Final Examination Schedule & Grading for Fall 2017

A message from the Registrar’s Office:

The final examination period begins Wednesday, December 13 and ends Tuesday, December 19. Please be sure to give final examinations according to the Final Exam Schedule.

Grades are due 72 hours (3 days) after the last day of finals. Grade rosters should be submitted in PeopleSoft no later than Friday, December 22. Please make sure new faculty know to post their grades in PeopleSoft (not just Blackboard). Grades are needed to confirm graduation clearances and make decisions about academic actions such as Dean’s List, suspension and NCAA eligibility. Students need to know if they have to register for mini and spring classes to make up a deficiency. Keep in mind that students know grades are due 72 hours after the last final and they have immediate access to their grades via TU Mobile.

Incomplete Grades (I) may be given for verifiable circumstances beyond the control of the student. The Incomplete should only be given in cases where students have completed most of the term and have a reasonable expectation of successfully completing the remaining work.

FX grades should be given if the student stopped attending before completing more than half of the classwork and did not officially withdraw. The FX grade must include the last date of attendance.

If you have questions about the final examination schedule or grading, contact the Registrar’s Office at ext. 4-2097.