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OTS’ tips for the holiday break

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) shares some tips that you should consider before and during the holiday break:

Make sure you have a second device enrolled in Duo. You won’t be able to access your desk phone during the break, so have a second device enrolled, like a smart phone or home landline. Watch this instructional video to learn how to add or manage devices. Access OTS Training’s self-help documents for using Duo.

Consider printing Duo emergency codes. If you plan on traveling, avoid Duo authentication issues by printing the codes beforehand.

Secure your mobile device. Be sure to install the latest security update available from your provider, and review Homeland Security’s US-CERT tips in their articles “Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices” and “Cybersecurity for Electronic Devices.”

Update your password. If your password is set to expire soon, or you’ve received email notices about resetting your password, reset it before the break. Be sure to follow the University’s password guidelines.

If you use Blackboard, get a jump on next semester. Consider submitting mini or spring course combine requests, and copying any previous materials to the new course. Contact Blackboard 24/7 support with any issues.

Change your voicemail greeting on your desk phone. Follow steps below or watch OTS Training’s video:

  1. Pick up your handset or press the speaker button for hands-free.
  2. Press the messages button. When prompted, enter your PIN followed by #.
  3. Press 8 for Set-up options, then press 4 to change a greeting. To edit other greetings, press 3.
  4. To enable your greeting, press 6 and then press 1 to record the greeting.
  5. Begin recording at the tone, press # when you have finished recording. To re-record, press 1. To use the system greeting, press 2. To turn on the alternate greeting, press 3.
  6. Press * again to Exit or hang up. 

Turn on your “Out of Office” reply in Outlook. Watch this quick video on creating an autoreply.

Restart or turn off your office computer. If you plan on remoting in, click on the start menu and select “restart” to clear logins. If not, log off and turn off the machine.

Complete these recommended tips before the break, as you might need support. Contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151 with any questions. Once the University is officially closed, telephone, in-person, and chat support will not be available from university staff. Our after-hours support partner provides limited assistance and reports of major system outages. Listen for details when calling 5151. Otherwise, here are some additional ways to access online resources during the break:

Happy Holidays from OTS!

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