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Thanksgiving Holidays – Lecturers

Towson University is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday from Wednesday, November 22, 2017, through Friday, November 24, 2017.  We are currently experiencing technical difficulties capturing holidays on the Lecturer time sheets.  These three days should be left blank on the time sheet; you will receive your regular pay for this pay period.

Lecturers in departments which observe non-traditional work hours and schedules, or which perform essential functions, should discuss coverage with their supervisors.

Below is a sample time sheet to use as a guide for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you perform work on a particular day, record D for duty day.  If you use accrued sick leave during this time, record it on the time sheet.

If you have questions about completing your time sheet, please email finservehelp@towson.edu. If you have questions about your leave, please email leavebenefits@towson.edu.