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Network Upgrades: Schedule for 2018

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) is upgrading network equipment in several campus buildings. After many months of preparation, OTS has developed an upgrade plan that will minimize disruption to normal business operations, targeting January, Spring Break, and Summer Sessions for most of the work. Each upgrade has been organized to minimize the amount of time that network and desktop VoIP telephone services will be unavailable, but please plan accordingly if your building is affected.

Date and locations
This is the upgrade schedule for 2018:

  • January 11 – Landscape Services, Paca House, and Tubman House
  • January 18 – University Union Garage (Parking Services), Glen Garage, and Glen Dining
  • January 25 – Towsontown Garage, Power Plant, and Dowell Health
  • March 22 – Newell Hall
  • May 24 – CLA Phase 1 (Impacts phases 2 & 3 until noon)
  • May 31 – CLA Phase 2
  • June 7 – CLA Phase 3

Services affected
On the above scheduled dates, the following services will be unavailable in the respective building:

  • Network Services: this includes-but is not limited to-email, calendaring, file shares, network printing, and Internet
  • Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Desktop VoIP Telephone Services

What to expect
Services will go offline in the morning and will be restored throughout the day. At the end of the day, all services will be restored.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Eric Cannizzo at (410) 704-4085.



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