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Alternative Break Connections, Winter 2018 trip application is open!

  • Alternative Break Connections (ABC) leads community service-learning trips during the Towson University winter and spring breaks. Participants travel in teams to different cities, engage in active service, and have the opportunity to gain new perspectives on society while meeting community needs, and learning about and developing community assets.

This winter we have two trips, one focused on immigration and human rights, and the second on international education.  Applications are open until October 27th.

Apply today! (hyperlink https://goo.gl/forms/xE9rbyt933fOMKJ63)

ABC Winter 2018: Immigration and Human Rights, January 7th-15th, 2018

The main focus of this trip is Immigration and Human Rights. We will be participating in multiple volunteer and educational activities to expand our knowledge while aiding a population in need within the United States. Each day we will be engaging in a different experience which will maximize the opportunities we will have while on our trip. Be prepared for hiking through difficult terrain in hot temperatures and stepping out of your comfort zone.

ABC Winter 2018: Education, January 13th-20th, 2018

This trip will travel outside of the United State to Central America. The country we are visiting does NOT currently have any US State Department travel warnings or alerts.

This trip will work with a K-12 school currently serving 300 students from varying backgrounds: indigenous, non-indigenous, poor, working, and middle class. The school combines Brazilian Educator Paulo Freire’s Popular Education model and an alliance with INTECAP (Institute for Technical Training).  Working in tandem, both systems encourage all students and teachers to think of themselves as learners, teachers, and ultimately world transformers. In addition, the school’s partnership with INTECAP (Institute for Technical Training) helps middle school and high school students learn a technical trade so they can utilize these skills to support their continuing education.

Past volunteer groups have painted walls & murals, helped in the library, taught English, given health/healthy living talks, organized sports games and done art projects.