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Slanted Eyes: The Asian American Experience

“Chink!”, “Jap!”, “Gook!”, “Where are you from?”, “Do you eat dog?”, “Why don’t you go back to where you came from?!”, “Do you know Kung-Fu?”. From the racist to the innocuous, issues of culture, ethnicity, and discrimination are prevalent themes for Asian minorities in the U.S.  Join us for a talk with Psychotherapist and relationship coach Sam Louie on Friday, October 20th, 12pm, UU 306. This program will explore the history of Asian-American immigration, racism, and the challenges Asian-Americans face growing up in the U.S.  By incorporating his own Spoken Word poetry, Same Louie gives his audiences a fresh and unique perspective on minority experiences.

This program is sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity. For questions, email diversityworks@towson.edu.