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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication is coming to Towson University

You may have noticed that your bank, credit card companies and even the Social Security Administration require use of multi-factor authentication when logging into their systems. This extra step proves that you are you when accessing accounts. Towson University is joining this security movement and the Office of Technology Services (OTS) will be implementing Duo Multi-Factor Authentication to enhance the security of NetIDs, which in turn helps prevent data breaches.

How Does it Work?

Individuals enrolled in Duo will login into designated TU systems with their NetID as per usual, and then “authenticate” using a second method such as a smartphone or landline. Methods of notifications can be chosen, and the options include receiving a push notification from the downloaded Duo app, a text message or a phone call. OTS Training provides self-help documents on how to enroll devices, as it is not automatic.

What does it protect?

Despite extensive layers of existing cybersecurity protection, there has been an increase in aggressive and sophisticated phishing attempts targeting the campus. When using Multi-Factor Authentication, even if hackers get your password, they won’t be able to get into your account without having your enrolled device in their possession. This will help to protect data at Towson, such as your social security number, student grades, medical records, sensitive research information, and financial information.

Who Will be Affected?

Once Duo is completely rolled out, all faculty and staff will be required to use it for designated TU systems. Students, student employees, retirees and Guest NetIDs will not be eligible to use Duo at this time.

When Will this Happen?

A tentative schedule is posted on www.towson.edu/duo, but OTS will contact faculty and staff in advance of their NetIDs being enabled for Duo. Dates listed there are subject to change, so please check back to see when you will be affected.


  • More comprehensive information can be found on the project webpage: www.towson.edu/duo.
  • Self-help documents for enrolling, learning about different methods of authentication and managing devices, can be found on OTS Training’s Duo Self-Help Resource webpage.
  • If you have a question that was not answered on the Duo project webpage, you can submit it in a TechHelp service request or contact the OTS Faculty/Staff Help Center at 410-704-5151.
  • If the embedded “Introduction to Duo” video in this article does not display on your mobile device, watch it in YouTube.

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