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Learn a new skill this summer with Lynda.com!

You’re already registered for the fall term- get a head start with Lynda.com! You can learn about an application you may use in an upcoming course, about your specific course topic, or a new skill altogether. TU students get FREE 24/7/365 access to Lynda.com, which offers thousands of video titles and a wide range of topics and subject categories. It’s like a personal tutor!

Get started!

  1. Go to Lynda.com. Select the “sign in with your organization portal” login option. Enter “towson.edu” (your domain). This will take you to TU’s login page, use your NetID to login.
  2. After logging in, watch the Getting Started Playlist to learn the features and environment.
  3. Need more information?  Check out and bookmark the Lynda.com TU Web page (towson.edu/Lynda)  for more information, FAQs, and support.

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