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Active Shooter Video filming 4/22-23 and 5/6-7

A Towson University active shooter video will be filmed on April 22 and 23 and May 6 and 7 from approximately 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The video will become a vital training tool in ensuring the campus population knows what to do if there is an active shooter situation on campus.

Filming and support services for the video will take place at various locations on the second, third and fourth levels within the liberal arts (LA) building . These areas will be restricted and delineated with stanchions and signs. Please note during the filming inside the building, blanks will be fired to simulate real conditions. The blanks will sound like actual gunshots. The filming outside the building will involve Towson University Police Officer response with vehicles’ lights and sirens activated.

If an actual emergency does occur while filming, either the fire alarm will be activated and/or an announcement will be made using the building interior voice emergency system.

The Electronic Film and Media (EMF) Department, in conjunction with the Office of Public Safety (Police and Environmental Health & Safety/Office of Emergency Preparedness), the Theater Department and the College of Liberal Arts’ (CLA) Dean’s Office, will be filming the footage.

If you have any questions, please contact Cpl. Joe Gregory at x4-5951

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